Walking Donegal   Donegal Hillwalking Course Dates   Your holoiday walking in Ireland can be booked online   Oideas Gael in Glencolmcille. Southwest Donegal, provides exhilerating courses of Donegal hillwalking  

Hillwalking on the Glencolmcille Peninsula in Southwest Donegal
Donegal hillwalking provides some of the most magical experiences that walking in Ireland can give you. And the Sliabh Liag (Slieve League) / Glencolmciille Peninsula of Donegal, with its unique mix of breathtaking coastal scenery, rugged hills and stone-age archaeology, must be one of the most interesting walking areas in all of Europe. Oideas Gael's expert instructors lead Walking Donegal programmes that are physically and culturally rewarding for novices and experienced walkers alike. Experience the wonder of walking in Ireland !  

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  Donegal Hillwalking provides some of the most beautiful scenery to be found by Walking in Ireland   walking the rugged Donegal coastline   The Tower Walk is one of the Loop walks promoted by Tourism Ireland as being of special interest and attraction   Bunglas is at the Eastern end of the hills and the group walk the entire length of the cliffs and ridge, and back to Oideas Gael.  
  this Donegal coastal walk passes the ruined cottage where Dylan Thomas stayed in 1935   Walking Donegal, in the breathtaking Slieve League and Glencolmcille area   The Glencolmcille peninsula is still rich in wildlife   Walk the Sliabh Liag (Slieve League) Peninsula, Ireland, which has the highest marine cliffs in Europe  
  Glen Malin provides the opportunity to visit a 5,000 year old court tomb with mysterious, stone age, spiral carvings and 4,000 year old portal dolmens   Waling in Ireland can immerse you in history - Rockwell Kent also lived in the area, and he completed some of his most recognisable works here   Oideas Gael is located in Glencolmcille, Ireland - an exceptional place to experience Donegal hillwalking.   Walking in Ireland's Donegal includes a number of Loop walks being promoted by Tourism Ireland  
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